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Founded in 1985, People Acting in Community Together is a multi-faith, grassroots organization that provides leadership training and experience to community members of many different ethnic, religious, and socio-economic backgrounds. Through PACT, people work together to solve the most pervasive social problems of our day.


PACT‘s mission is to empower everyday people to create a more healthy and just society by winning extraordinary victories for the community – not by speaking for them, but by teaching people how to speak up and take action in the public arena through grassroots organizing.


We are PACT: Diverse, multi-faith community builders who challenge ourselves and all those with power to catalyze a movement to end racial and economic inequalities in Silicon Valley. With a prophetic voice that organizes people to speak truth and justice we demand and create pathways to shared prosperity and a society in which every person lives with dignity and respect.

Inclusion Statement

PACT strives to be an inclusive organization that welcomes people of different races, faiths, cultures, languages, gender identities and sexual orientations, socio-economic and immigration status — in other words, people of diverse backgrounds and experiences — to fully participate in our work for racial and economic justice and to collectively address issues impacting our communities.




PACT is an inclusive organization embracing diversity in all forms


We interact with others in a respectful and considerate manner, recognizing and valuing their inherent worth and humanity.

Mutual respect

We valuing each other's opinions, beliefs, and boundaries, fostering positive relationships and effective communication

Value Contributions

We appreciates and acknowledges the input, efforts, and contributions made by each person within the group or community.

Welcome the Individuals

We welcome the unique experiences, skills, perspectives and realities that make each individual who the are.

PACT fosters grassroots organizing to promote a just society.

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PACT fosters grassroots organizing to promote a just society.

To advocate for community causes through grassroots organizing, thereby fostering a healthier, more just society and empowering individuals to actively participate in shaping their communities for the better.

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